Bruce L. Cook has created a seminal work, a novel -- I would say a modern classic, The Harmony of Nations: 1943 - 2020. The novel creates a superb background upon which modern world affairs have been placed and sometimes juxtaposed in order to discover the nature of the modern life and the fate of mankind.

The novel touches on almost all aspects of life, but what is of special interest to me in this regard is that it views life from the central point -- at least as history has shown us: that the entire panorama of life is taking place in a kaleidoscope colored by the horrors of war.

His graphic description and lively metaphors have made the novel not only readable but also a thing of beauty. Often the imageries seem to be of a spiritual nature and reflect the inner reality of life. I would boldly go so far as to comment that many of the imageries can be considered modern symbols of the ongoing stream of life.

His philanthropic attitude to life and the diversity of cults has given him a vision as well as a viewpoint that has made his work unique. Rather than attempting to create an instance of cheap entertainment, he has pointed to the central problem of humankind. However, he has not felt satisfied in doing so; he has shown alternative ways of harmonizing the diverse movements of the human psyche toward the achievement of the common goal – to discover life together by coexisting with all the differences. -

S. M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)

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Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.

Founder/Vice President, Worldwide Peace Organization


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