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Ponder Awhile, by Mohit K. Misra (Booksurge, 2008)

Ponder Awhile, by Mohit K. MisraPonder Awhile, by Mohit K. Misra (Booksurge, 2008) This book is a poetry collection from Mohit K. Misra, a Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy. Entering into a state of Samadhi, this author from Bombay intends to lead his readers into a spiritual experience. In 51 poems,

Misra shares a comprehensive view of being, with gentle treatment of subjects like religions, charity, peace, sweet sixteen, and even “Mom.” These poems are worthy of thought and enjoyment.

A self-published book, this volume exhibits the best efforts of the writer. The publisher, however, has clearly emphasized promotion while giving a minimal description of the author’s background. Further, while we enjoy the poetry, we lack a statement of organization or central purpose.

Meanwhile, the book allows us to relax with a thoughtful observer of human experience. As Misra says, “Come back soon; I know you will. No problem if time will stand still.” We wish the best to this young poet and author from India.

Bruce Cook, Ph.D.

Publisher, ReserveBooks.com