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Aridity of Feelings, by Uche Peter Umez Aridity of Feelings(Edu-Edy Publications, 2006)

This book of poetry chronicles the early writings of an award-winning African writer who now publishes in journals and magazines.

Here, as a lesson in history and writer development, one can see acute stirrings of social concern for Africa. It is a mirror of a writer's soul during the discouraging battle to achieve success as a writer, and fully supports the thought that respected writers are driven by the stuff of social concern and not riches and public acclaim.

Uche laments the hardness of heart most of us develop as we go through our daily lives, passing the diseased and dispossessed on streets of our cities.

"His hunger cries out to us," Uche says, referring to a 10 year-old beggar. "But too mildly to wrench pity from our bowels." (Abandoned)

"In the streets the African child," he says, referring to a young hawker. "The leader of tomorrow. How he hawks about." (Little Hawker)

With this background in poetry, we look to Uche to continue bringing the same concerns to the fiction and nonfiction he is writing today.


Umez was born in Lagos in 1975, and hails from Obiakpu, Ohaji/Egbema in Imo State, Nigeria. He studied Government & Public Administration at Abia State University. He has published two volumes of poetry, “Dark through the Delta” and “Aridity of Feelings.” His fiction has appeared in Author Africa 2006 and on

- Bruce Cook, Ph.D.

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