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Black Belt Patriotism - Review by Claude Shema RutagengwaBlack Belt Patriotism
-How to reawaken America-

Written by Chuck Norris, A Martial Arts Master, Actor, and political activist


Reviewed by Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa,
Founder & chairman-GLPN Foundation


The movie actor legend, Chuck Norris, is concerned about the future of his country as a citizen of America.

Among other things, Chuck Norris perceives America as a great nation with multi-opportunities but losing the important pillars of the country's well-being. Author Chuck Norris said that there is lack of different important things as in a divided nation, with no national legacy, a lack of control in terms of spending. The author also highlighted the key issue of weak border control, citing American borders, ports and airports which nearly remain open runways for illegal immigrants, drug cartels, gun-runners and potential terrorists. As a solution towards borders matters, Norris suggests that border enforcement must be a priority. As a wise author and actor, he realized that there is no moral compass and lack of enough value for human life. He refers to the US founders’ motto that all Americans should "do what is right" {avoid what is wrong}.

According to him, another crucial concern is the lack of future for American children, which is underpinning the clear future of America. Among other many unfair things, in one way or another, he mentions that American children are exposed to pornography, sexual promiscuity, accepted and legalized easy divorce of parents, etc…, and whenever a culture decays, it is the American- children who bear the brunt, because they are the ones who are affected mostly by what we do.

While his family seems to be one of the best in the world, Norris vigorously criticizes the lack of traditional family values in the USA
As a patriot, the author focused his ideas on the lack of might to fight for the sovereignty of the United States of America. Therefore, he author suggests solutions to tackle the abovementioned insurmountable foes and tough issues systematically, and he proposes that all Americans should go back to “being able- to go forward", mainly by looking back into the American culture's values and positive ancient traditional of American ancestors. Then he recommends reconstructing America's government, redefining America's founding documents, revising America's history, stopping the unfairness and America's nightmare of debt, cultivating a culture of peace and curbing spending, securing and protecting American borders, etc…

But his utmost strength in this race would be focusing on youth, re-education and framing for  youth working in terms of culture, patriotism, peace and other humane characters as a pillar for the new foundation to rebuild a America without racism, illegal immigrant, safe, stronger, and united.

In God we (will) trust (again)!


- Reviewed by Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa, Founder & chairman-GLPN Foundation

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