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Book Review

Deep and Crisp, by Richard Barnett (Winepress Publishing)

Deep and Crisp is an interesting approach to its subject matter, Christmas, for a couple of reasons.

First, as is typical of Barnettís other works, we see an author taking strict charge of his point of view. Once we see through human eyes, another time through an animalís, but we always see humans and understand them the more. The stories let us see more of the Christmas story, each time from a different point of view.

Second, Deep and Crisp was printed at the cusp of the Print on Demand movement, and we can see historically how the publisher then was extremely careful to distance himself from the content of the book for legal reasons, even though the book contained no evident controversy. It is as though the publisher cannot feel comfortable with giving an author his own voice.

This book is worth seeking out and its message is even better.


- Bruce Cook, Ph.D.

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