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A Fragile Hope, by Ken N. Kamoche (Salt Publishing – releases May, 2007)

In “A Fragile Hope,” Ken Kamoche unveils the unproclaimed lives of unfortunate souls caught in difficult situations of family and just making a living in various parts of the world.

This must have been a tall order for Ken, because the term “fragile hope” seems to embody whatever we have dreamed of, at whatever time, and sometimes long to possess forever. It’s a nebulous line between what is and what can be, and indeed Ken describes the line well in colorful and very personal stories. This title is apt.

If you ever have thought you wouldn’t enjoy a short story, or even a story set in a country where you have never been, just read the first story, “The Smell of Fresh Grass.” I assure you that you’ll complete the entire volume after that, and come up begging for more.

Ken has devised an intricate interplay between family, dreams, and a kaleidoscope of culture, and he truly makes it work. Within this setting we see the unfairness typically encountered in life when it comes to pursuit of one’s dreams. But then just when the reader is ready to abandon the quest, he brings refreshing change, which is also typical in life.

This is a powerful short story collection I look forward to seeing more from ken Kamoche.




Bruce Cook, Ph.D.



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