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Book Review

Icex Intelligence: Vietnamís Phoenix Program, by G. LaVerne Crowell

An exciting read, Icex Intelligence opens the window on what happened behind the scenes in the Vietnam War.

So typically of an authorís first book or POD publication, this book leaves much to be desired in its first chapters. An action book needs to lead with action, and the book would have improved without some of its early content.

Once under way, however, the story carefully sets the scene and action, very clearly enunciating the relationship between American and Vietnamese troops fighting the elusive Viet Cong together. The reader also learns how an intelligence officer was able to get the job done despite shortages of supplies. The account of the Tet Offensive is a classic.

Start with Chapter Sevenís ďJungle ExperienceĒ and read on to experience the thrills and mysteries of this unique military conflict.

Bruce Cook, Ph.D.


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