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Book Cover - Innocent in DeathInnocent in Death, by Nora Roberts (Putnam)

Book review by C. M. Clifton

"Innocent in Death", by Nora Roberts writing as J. D. Robb, is the latest novel of the suspense series that takes place in a futuristic New York City. Amid a frigid, winter setting, Lieutenant Eve Dallas works to solve the murder of Craig Foster, a school teacher who appears to have been an all-around good guy. Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, ISBN: 978-0-399-15401-0, the book appeals to readers who enjoy mystery, police procedural, and romantic subplots.

Roberts/Robb does a wonderful job at creating three dimensional characters in "Innocent in Death." Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a no-nonsense, smart cop who takes no prisoners once she believes she knows the culprit that is responsible for Craig Foster's murder. Beneath Dallas' cool posterior lies a slightly less chilly interior. Beyond the walls that Dallas has probably built as a defense mechanism is a witty, sarcastic woman who is fiercely in love with her husband, Roarke. While I enjoyed the entire book, I especially enjoyed how Roberts/Robb shows the intense passion that Dallas and Roarke share by weaving words in such a way that the novel's romantic subplot drew me deeper into the story. When someone from Roarke's past slinks into town, Roberts/Robb uses her word-weaving skills to show Dallas' more vulnerable side.

"Innocent in Death" touches on several themes, in my opinion. The author shows that appearances can be deceiving, that past mistakes in life does not define one's present or future, and that love does conquer all, sometimes.

Although Nora Roberts has written twenty-three previous suspense novels as J. D. Robb, "Innocent in Death" was the first book I had read of the series. Despite "Innocent in Death" having been the first I had read of Eve Dallas, the book was written in such a way that I understood the parts that touched on Dallas' past without needing to have read any of the previous books. Over all, I enjoyed "Innocent in Death" from its first page to its last. The novel has good pacing, well done suspense and characterizations, and a chilling culprit. I look forward to reading the next novel in the series and as many of the past novels as possible, and recommend that other mystery/suspense lovers read "Innocent in Death" also.

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