Strategies for Peace


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Strategies for Peace, by Bruce L. Cook and Maria Cristina Azcona (eds.)

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BRUCE L. COOK AND MARIA CRISTINA AZCONA - Full Index. I join Maria Cristina Azcona in offering this collection of viewpoints on peace making. She and I joined Ernest Kahan in 2014 to establish the Worldwide Peace Organization in Argentina. Here we identify a startling variety of facets on the crystal which represents peace. Virtually everyone claims to want world peace. Only a few take measures to promote it. Each writer who seeks peace suggests a unique dimension. It's our hope that this volume will encourage students, professors, and peacemakers to consider this comprehensive look at ten strategy perspectives which, if taken seriously in private and public life, might lead to our shared objective - worldwide peace in our time. * Leadership * Language and Leadership * Interspiritual * World Citizenship * Family Relations * Role of Women * Education * Medical Actions * The Arts * Conflict Resolution

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Review by Carol McPeak Brinjak

Creating the Book "Strategies for Peace" - from The Shift Network

Review by Leo Semashko, Global Harmony Association

Celia Altschuler, "Seagulls" - Cover

Celia Altschuler, "Peace on Earth (poem)

Daniel Erdmann, "Preface"


Bruce L. Cook, Leadership for Peace

Language and Literature

Maria Cristina Azcona, Peace through Education and Literature


Kurt Johnson and Philip Hellmich, Sacred and Secular Activists Are Now Joining their Strategies for Peacebuilding

See article on wwpo.org (also published on The Shift Network)

Sunita Singh-Sengupta, Living the Interfaith Harmony: Experiences of Sri Ramakrishna

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Maria Cristina Azcona, Historical basis of "Peace from Harmony" in the Bible

Muli Wa Kyendo, A Movement for Social Change with Folktales?

World Citizenship

Glen T. Martin, World Citizenship

Family Relations

Maria Cristina Azcona, How to Achieve Peace through Family Relations

Role of Women

Ada Aharoni, Women Building a World Beyond War

See article on wwpo.org


Nina Meyerhof, Authentic Education - Inner and Outer Peace

Joseph Berolo and Gloria Ines Currea, Educational Strategies for Lasting Peace

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The Arts

Celia Altschuler, An Endeavor for Peace

Celia Altschuler, The Arts in Service for World Peace

Lida Sherafatmand, Art Contributing to Peace Building

Medical Actions

Ernesto Kahan, Trust Building among Nations in Conflict through Medical Actions

Conflict Resolution

Rais Neza Boneza, From Negative Leadership to Healing Leadership: A Therapy Strategy to Remedy African Instability

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