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Cover- Oerken





The Oerken Tree, by Thomas Clayton Booher

Print: $12.60

THOMAS CLAYTON BOOHER - According to legend, and Montgomery’s history of North Carolina, a family mysteriously disappeared a hundred fifty years ago from a farm just down the road from the Jones’s – Caleb, Josie, and Matt. Caleb thinks it’s awesome, Josie thinks it’s a little spooky, and Matt thinks it's not as important as getting a burger at Jackie’s grill.

Cover- Harmony of Nations





Harmony of Nations, by Bruce L. Cook

Print: $19.99

BRUCE L. COOK - This novel begins as historical fiction describing the war years on the Italian coast near Ostuni, Italy, including a terrible German attack on the Port of Bari. Subsequently, it becomes a fictional account of a couple who live and marry and work toward peace with workers from Mahatma Gandhi. They are able to direct nuclear weapons away from a goal of disaster. Later they overcome an attack from terrorists and sponsor a successful conference of nations in Matera, Italy.

Cover- Aroused





Secret Shades Aroused, by A P Von K'Ory

Print: $12.99

A P Von K'Ory - Helena, twenty-two years old, is a Greek Cypriot endowed with the beauty to launch a thousand punches. However, Helena has a secret buried deep inside her that she keeps hidden even from herself.

Until she meets two Catalonian cousins from an old aristocratic Spanish family.


Kindle: $4.99

Cover- Revealed





Secret Shades Revealed, by A P Von K'Ory

Print: $12.99

A P Von K'Ory - Helena is abandoned by Enrique, the rakish bounder whose sexual prowess and string of female conquests dominate the gossip media. Helena had chosen Enrique over Ramón, the man who stole her heart. But now she’s pregnant with Enrique’s child and Enrique doesn’t want to know about the baby – he leaves her because of her secret heritage, a secret that has plagued Helena since childhood, and is now threatening even her unborn baby.


Kindle: $5.99

Cover- Capture





Golden Shana: The Capture, by A P Von K'Ory

Print: $16.45

A P Von K'Ory - Something made of her had buried itself inside me, had become part of me but in a place I hadn’t been aware existed. It constantly battled for recognition since then, rising from my depths, but the disciplinarian in me remained adamant. I rammed it down, back to the depths it had come from. Because it threatened me. I was anxious that it might be something I wouldn’t be able to handle the way I always preferred to handle stuff – my way, and nobody else’s but my way.


Kindle: $5.45

Cover- Chase





Golden Shana: The Chase, by A P Von K'Ory

Print: $14.99

A P Von K'Ory - I had a plan to win the women who felt like my natural habitat, until the plan backfired,” says Roman Castell, an obsessive young Croesus who, when love hits him for the first time in his life, finds himself firmly wedged between three women and a baby. Alyssa and Shana are BFF, lovers and heirs to (a bakery and an industrial corporation) family empires respectively. Alyssa falls in love with Roman at a glance. Roman however is all hell for leather to get Shana. Shana, a captain in the Lindqvist Group, has a therapy-ripe aversion against all men. Marie is Roman’s current lady, but Roman drops her via a long-distance phone call (when Roman is on his mission of chasing after Shana). Until Marie discovers that she and Roman are going to be parents. Marie now has a bullet Roman’s Kevlar vest will never stop. And it looks like she might be right.


Kindle: $5.99

Cover- Rivalries



Rivalries, by Amobi Evidence

Print: $19.95

AMOBI EVIDENCE - The story revolves around a region in Africa, but as subsequent plots unfold; its settings transcend to a part of the Middle East. Though a fiction, the work captures the realities which individuals often encounter in their normal lives, reconciling effect the author’s viewpoint with the constructive impressions of the reader.






Varlarsaga, Vol 1 - Escape, by K.S. Mulholland (book)

Print: $29.66

K.S. MULHOLLAND - Varlar, so named by the first to sail her seas and walk her shores. Varlar, world of the elves: a mystery and a wonder. The earth, our own fair earth, fraught with many unknown, unseen dangers; terrible and beautiful as the west-rising sun. Who then could say as to what lay in the darkest depths of her oceans, who guess that doom? And yet, upon a later time, it was foretold, 'The Nardred awaits Its moment to arise from the deeps; there to bring forth chaos, and the downfall of Varlar...'


This Child of Mine, by Kathy Hartwell





This Child of Mine, by K.B. Hartwell (book)

Print: $25.96

K.B. HARTWELL - Born in the 1800's, judged by the color of his skin and not by the honor of his heart, his spiritless soul was not welcomed by white society. Forever branded, this man died for his crimes of innocence. . . . No one would grieve the deaths of Jeb and Edgar. Black or white. Those two "white trash" had raped Violet Green. Jasper had to stop his friends-even if it would result in his having to testify against them. And possibly losing his own life and those he loved.







Varlarsaga, Vol 2 - Recovery, by K.S. Mulholland (book)


Print: $29.66

K.S. MULHOLLAND - Voices haunt the mind of the youthful Prince Mylor from his earliest memories: Voices that plead, beckon, seduce... Voices that offer him a new home. After escaping from a cell deep beneath Penda fortress in the mountain locked realm of Ravenmoor and sailing with strange Elvish folk to their far-off island home, Corin returns with them to his own forsaken country, there to confront the evil threatening to overthrow the kingdom. Yet the mysterious Voices lure him once again to sail away with the elves into the far North where lies a vast, unexplored land and the pursuit of answers to the riddle of the Voices...'







Varlarsaga, Vol 3 - Consolation, by K.S. Mulholland (book)

Print: $29.66

K.S. MULHOLLAND - The conclusion of the epic tale of Varlar:The World.
Corin has discovered a map/manuscript that contains a tale of past ages and perhaps a key to his quest. Escaping the Hermitage upon the back of Darkelfari, a beautiful jet-black horse, he makes his way through the wilds in search of his elvish companions.
By ever-darkening ways and with the unexpected aid of a strange Wizard, he is reunited with the Elvish forces who are, at that time, hard-pressed by vast Goblin armies all along the coasts of the North World. When it seems all must perish, some are spared to break through to the ocean and the awaiting Elven armada. Defeated, yet unbowed, the Elves vow to regain their strength and come again, against an overwhelming foe.
Yet for Corin, there is another trial to be endured. Far away with only Darkelfari as companion; back beyond the Northern mountains, to confront The Mighty Fear, buried in the deep ice of the forbidding realm of the Ice Giants.


Bound toTraditiobn, Vol I





The Dream - Vol I, Bound To Tradition, by A P Von K'ory

Print: $17.99

A P Von K'Ory - Erik watched her as she ate and talked. There was the little lady who had been tutored by some prim and proper English old maid in deportment, etiquette and what have you. Then there was the African jungle side of her that had a savage nobility, an untainted edge, an unaffected grace and inborn dignity, an intensely reverent pride even in the way she said: Great ancestors. Coupled with her veiled, mysterious sexuality, she was an overwhelming enigma.


Cover- Grief







Grief of a Fatherless, by Amobi Evidence

Print: $11.95

AMOBI EVIDENCE - An intensely readable tale of personal horror, thrill and triumph guaranteed to be a masterpiece every literature fan must behold. A gripping, well-crafted suspense story… so sharp it has to be read in the shortest time possible. A book that you won’t be able to put down is promising to keep you on the edge of your seat 'til the final moment.


Cover- Bond








A Bond that Crumbled Tradition, by Kenechukwu Obi

Print: $24.96

KENECHUKWU OBI. An age-long tradition bars sons and daughters of the rich and the poor from inter-marrying in their land. Then comes this unexpected unique love that dares to challenge the tradition with its guts of steel. This love yields a bond in the conflict which ensues. A bond that makes the reunion of two hearts, which are its source, inevitable; leaving the tradition with only an option it can't help but accept.



E-book (pdf): $12.96

Cover- Obodo

Obodo... My Fatherland, by Ugochukwu Victor Ezeribe

Print: $12.95

UGOCHUKWU VICTOR EZERIBE - So as crisis married chaos, a catastrophe was conceived…. Although based on true life story but furnished in a classical decoy, ‘Obodo’ is told in a traditional village setting. Obodo had become a ‘Zanga’ – a jungle of continuous crisis. Bature, the helpless visitor had sneaked in from the back gate and taken control of Obodo. Now the people were at his mercy but his death would even be of a worse fate to the people as things gradually fell apart.
This book, was first written as a drama script in 2007 by the author during his National Youth Service in the title – ‘OUR FATHERLAND’ and it won the script of the year award at the NYSC National Cultural Festival, Abuja in 2007.

Cover- Obodo

A Thorn in Her Life, by Olatunbosun Adetula

Print: $24.50

OLATUNBOSUN ADETULA - It was a day she prayed never to remember again, but it kept haunting her like a scary ghost. It became heightened whenever she saw Bath pictures. She could still remember the day vividly like the back of her hand…


Uprising, by Evans Kinyua

Print: $27.98

EVANS KINYUA - When Victor Amagaro, aka Lance Amagaro, a small time Rwandese hoodlum and refugee in the back streets of Kampala, finds a cryptic note placed by the side of his bed, he immediately considers it a prank. But the note promised an opportunity to earn some money, which Victor was not about to let pass by.
He calls the number that was provided in the note at the time indicated, and his life changes for ever. Following that call, he finds ten thousand dollars deposited in his bank account by people unknown to him, just like that, with a promise for more. Much, much more.

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